Global Educational Consultants|Opening a School

Opening a School

For a new school to open and be successful, it is necessary for the founder to have a strong vision and belief for children’s future. Yanagi Educational Group can guide and support you through the process of opening a school from the first consultation to opening the school, as well as support after opening.

Opening a School


In order for a new school to be successful, it is essential for the owner and school director to be passionate about the school and its philosophy. We endeavor to fulfill your dreams by working together and listening to your wishes for the future. The educational content of the school’s curriculum will be adapted to enhance the policies, the unique environment and the community of the school. We look forward to the opportunity to help nurture an international educational environment in your school.

Approach to the Curriculum

Globalization is a fact in 21st century living. Children today need 21st century-style childcare/education to support their thought processes, problem-solving skills and attitude towards learning. Based on the philosophy and policy of the school, Yanagi Educational Group will create a developmentally-appropriate curriculum for the children.

Environmental Setting

The environmental setting has an enormous effect on children‘s potential for learning. Even with a beautiful philosophy and a detailed curriculum, without an appropriate school environment students cannot achieve their full potential. We will guide you in creating an effective environment for your school.

Curriculum Support

Teachers and educators must have a good understanding on how they implement the curriculum in the classroom, how they will understand each child’s needs as well as the group’s needs, and how they will support each child’s developmental goals. We provide continuous support and training to your teachers on monitoring the curriculum in order to maintain the success of your school and maximize children’s potential.